About us

Kiosh is dedicated to promoting workplace Safety and Health for the workers and employers. We engage key

stakeholders including professionals, regulators, workers and employer through programs in creating a world of work

which is safe, healthy and sustainable.

Man wearing hi-vis jacket saying health and safety 24-7

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of occupational Health and Safety solutions in Africa.

Our Mission

  • Champion safe and healthy workplaces
  • Save lives and prevent injury and disability
  • Deliver outstanding service to workers and employers
  • Provide and support excellent medical and rehabilitative care to workers
  • Preserve the financial integrity and sustainability of the system
  • Learn, lead, and share

Our Goals

  • Foster the improvement of occupational health and safety in workplaces and communities
  • a. Improve service to stakeholders — improve return-to-work outcomes, disability prevention, overall customer service, accessibility, and public confidence b. Improve service to stakeholders
  • Maintain the cost-effectiveness and accountability of the services
  • Maintain financial security, sustainability, and stability